Awnings: An Eco-Friendly Solution to Summer Cooling Needs

For years, awnings and screens have been used to provide relief from sunlight, wind and heat, and with good reason too. Practical, tasteful, and sustainable, an awning is an affordable enhancement to any home or business. Studies show that an exterior awning can reduce interior room temperatures by as much as 20 to 25 degrees. An awning requires less energy to cool a room because it stops the heat while it is still outside the house; studies have demonstrated that controlling the sunlight from the outside is 5 times more efficient than from the inside.The initial investment quickly redeems itself as you enjoy the benefits of shade and cooler temperatures for 10 years or longer. Besides reducing the need for energy-guzzling air conditioning units, an awning or screens provides a high level of UV protection and thus decreases your risk of skin cancer. Finally, the process of manufacturing an awning leaves a small carbon footprint and the materials used do not give off large amounts of industrial waste.

PJ's Canvas, Inc., located in Napa, CA, provides quality custom awnings for residential and commercial purposes throughout the Bay Area and the West Coast. Besides traditional awnings, PJ's Canvas also specializes in solar and wind screens, restaurant dining enclosures, patio covers, and retractable awnings. Explore the portfolio page and see examples of work that PJ's Canvas has done.

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